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Fisherman Restaurants

In 1977, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Duckett diversified their holdings by founding Fish Market Restaurants, Inc., which currently consists of six high-quality dinner houses.

Located in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Del Mar, San Mateo, San Diego, and San Jose the restaurants feature preparation over a hot mesquite charcoal grill. The formula for success includes getting the freshest available fish (aided by Fred Duckett's own fishing boat, the Pilikia) and serving a variety sufficient to satisfy most palates. The exterior architecture is a distinctive red-sided clapboard design featuring fresh flowers and bright flags. In the dining environment our patrons are provided with an atmosphere which is both fun and healthy. Some of the key physical improvements in the interior are teak flooring and a dramatic exhibition-cooking kitchen.

Numerous fine dining awards have recognized the quality of the restaurants, but our highest recommendation comes from our customers who reward us with continued patronage.

The Fish Market Restaurants are some of the highest grossing restaurants in the State of California.

The Fish Market has its own website:

Fisherman Restaurants

Phone:(310) 478-8757

Toll Free:(800) 327-3019

Fax:(310) 473-4645