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Since its formation in 1964, the Duckett-Wilson companies have been a successful developer of prime retail properties and dinner houses, principally in the state of California.

Robert S. Wilson and A. C. Duckett, Jr. joined together in 1964 to form Duckett-Wilson Development Company. Focusing principally on neighborhood shopping centers, the firm continues to develop, manage, and lease well-located retail shopping centers. Today we own approximately 2.1 million square feet of retail space and provide management services for them along with an additional 900,000 square feet of non-owned retail space within our 63 shopping centers. The overall company philosophy is one of long-term investment.

Our shopping centers are developed primarily for our own account and are designed and leased from an ownership perspective. Maintenance of the property is emphasized in order to maximize long term values. Leasing is coordinated by our in-house Leasing Manager. Anchor tenant relationships, which are the key to creation of a retail center, are maintained by senior staff. With respect to the individual shop spaces, our Leasing Agents and Managers supervise the development and nurturing of prospective users. We make extensive use of on-line and direct-mail marketing materials in small shop marketing to provide the maximum long-term cash flow return.

All property management is performed by in-house personnel. Management accounting is performed on a Microsoft Windows network via the Yardi® management and accounting package. Our database operates on a real-time basis, which permits instant access to tenant collection histories and other financial records.


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